Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I received this email today

This is a great idea. With so much negativity in the world today its great to hear of something like this. If everyone of us would do this we could change the negative energy and turn it into something positive. For those of you that have never heard of Lifebushido it consists of building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents.

Here is quick list of how you can help Ghosting It Forward:

Keep on Ghosting It Forward! You could ghost 3 people per day virtually or at local stores or random people on the street. It does not have to be a ‘thing’, it could be a poem you wrote or a nice note to make them smile.
Post ideas or stories of ghosting success to blog as they happen. Blog: See www.ghostingitforward.blogspot.com. You can post to blog yourself by emailing: ghostingitforward.blognow@blogger.com. That way anyone can see them.
See video on website and make a www.youtube.com video with tagword of GHOSTINGITFORWARD and send us link or post to blog.
Send to PTA leaders at your elementary school or contact principal as idea for whole school to teach positive ideas to launch Monday 10/27/2008 for week of Halloween.
Contact your local community paper and they will likely do a story on web or paper within a week for Halloween. How fun would it be if your children were in the newspaper for starting some nice in your neighborhood?
Check website every day or so – we will be adding more things.
Email me your craziest big picture idea and I will likely have connections and devote resources to make it happen. Anything is Possible.

Thank you again for your positive words and vibes. It makes me feel good about the risk of trying something crazy like this idea.

Keep in touch,


Steve Kantor



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