Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cute Halloween Craft

Pipe cleaners
Four-hole buttons
Stick-on googly eyes
Synthetic spider web
Double-sided tape

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. Bend a pipe cleaner into a V shape. Push the base of the V up through one of the buttonholes until it protrudes 1/2 inch. Then, bend the 1/2-inch length over the top of the button. Use the same method to thread the three other pipe cleaners through the remaining buttonholes.

2. Next, shape the legs (there should be eight, of course!) by bending the pipe cleaner ends first 1 inch from the button and then again 1/4 inch from the tips. Stick the googly eyes onto the button between the front legs.

3. To create a web, the easiest option is to use a synthetic stretching spider web (sold at most novelty shops for under $2). If you can't find one, use a thin sheet of cotton batting. Stretch the web across a doorway, using pieces of double-sided tape to anchor the sides to the door frame. Then, set your spiders in the web wherever you like -- their legs will stick easily to the fibers.

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